Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 05/15/2014

boat-fishingSaginaw Bay has good numbers of walleye being taken in six to 16 feet off Linwood and Pinconning by those trolling harnesses. Very good walleye action was cited off Jones Road in four to six feet or Quanicassee in six to seven feet. Further up the Slot, walleye were hitting crawler harnesses with spinners in 10 to 15 feet off Sunset Bay Marina. Good colors were white, purple, green, chartreuse or brass. A good number of channel catfish have been caught. Shore anglers at Quanicassee and Sebewaing caught freshwater drum or catfish. At Caseville, shore fishing was slow with a few rock bass and the odd walleye. Catch and release bass fishing has been very good.

Au Gres had excellent walleye fishing between Point Lookout and Point Au Gres. Limit catches were taken in 15 to 25 feet.

Au Gres River night anglers are catching channel cats. A few walleye were caught at night near the mouth of Whitney Drain.

Saginaw River walleye are hitting on jigs with crawlers or minnows between Essexville and the mouth. This is a place to try if the winds are too strong to get out on the bay.

Tittabawassee River walleye fishing is slowing with the average catch per trip between one and three fish. Anglers are casting or trolling blue and silver body baits around Mapleton. Look for white bass in the lower river near Center Road.

Outer Saginaw Bay

Grindstone City had good catch and release bass fishing.

Oscoda pier anglers are catching good numbers of walleye and the occasional Atlantic salmon. Crawlers or body baits worked best.

  • Au Sable River steelhead are on the beds and most of the fish seem to be fresh. High Banks, the Boy Scout Camp and below the dam are holding the most fish. Try spawn, fly’s or wax worms.

Tawas pier anglers are taking Atlantic, Chinook, brown trout and pike outside the wall during the day while night anglers are taking walleye and channel catfish. Minnows and body baits work best. Boat anglers caught good numbers of walleye in 15 to 24 feet between Tawas Point and Alabaster. Chinook salmon were caught in 30 feet. Walleye have been caught off the mouth of the Tawas River when casting body baits at night.


Weekly Fishing Tip: Taking great catch-and-release photos



Are you an avid catch-and-release angler? Do you like to take photos of the fish you catch, prior to returning them to the water? Do you know the safest way to take these photos so you ensure the fish can live to be caught another day?

1. Wet your hands before you handle the fish – that way you won’t remove any of the protective mucus (aka slime) the fish has coating their body.
2. Remember a fish can not breathe out of water, so they will become uncomfortable rather quickly. Keep the fish in the water until your camera is ready to take the shot.
3. Take the photo with the fish fairly close to the water, that way if it squirms out of your hands it will land in the water – not on a hard surface.
4. While holding a fish do not pinch or squeeze it and do not stick your fingers in its gills.
5. Be mindful of the different kinds of fish that have teeth and/or spines that could stick you.