Au Gres Fishing Report for 11 July 2012

Saginaw Bay Walleye

Now that the weather has stabalized since last Sunday’s blow out of the north/northeast, walleye are once again on the feed! The last two days have produced excellent fishing. Limit catches are again common, at least on the west side of Saginaw Bay (Pt. AuGres to Linwood.) Today (7/11/12) good numbers of fish were being taken in depths as shallow as 10 feet and out to 26 feet of water. We tried plastic (Hot ‘N Tots) yesterday, but couldn’t get the fishing to hit so switched to crawlers and harnesses and were back in business before the first three lines were reset. After that, it was nonstop action with really nice fish in the 20 to 24-inch class. Our best fish tipped the scales at four pounds three ounces. Today was a repeat of yesterday, as we went right to the crawler harnesses from the get-go and immediately started catching big fish right away. That makes TWO days in a row with no throwbacks and heavy fish coolers!

Because of last Sunday’s blow, there is still a lot of cold water in the northern part of the bay. Anglers will need to do a little looking around for water in the upper 70s. That’s where the baitfish are and that’s where the walleye will be. For anglers having access to computers, an excellent source of wind and water temperatures around the bay can be obtained by going to Google and typing in “Lake Huron Water Temperatures” and then click on “Winds and Temps”. It’s pretty easy to zero in on the best waters to start looking for walleye.

Today’s tip: the marine radio is NOT for lengthy conversation. Many anglers listen to see what lure colors and depths where other anglers are catching fish. Converstation not related to fishing and safety information are for personal cell phone use. Too many anglers are using the marine radio as they did the old CB radios. That’s NOT the purpose of the marine radio.

Capt. Terry R. Walsh