Au Gres Fishing Report for 20 July 2012

Au Gres Walleye FishingThe forecasted SW winds at 5mp turned out to be SW at 17 knots! Only one thing to do–go south far enough for a five hour trip and just “ride ’em back”. We did pull all the lines once and buck the waves a mile or so back to the south where we had hit a small pod of active biters. The tactic worked, and four more dandy walleye went into the fish box.

Due to a big tournament in the area, there was a large number of boats out in spite of pretty steady three to four foot waves all day. Oddly, there was very little radio traffic. For what little there was, most anglers reported “tough fishing, but we’re catching fish.” The boats were spread out over an area south of Augres all the way down to Bouys One and Two that mark the entrance to the Saginaw River and were working depths of 14 to 28 feet of water. The biggest “pack of boats” was in the 24 to 28 foot depths. Crawler harnesses seemed to be the main tactic, and some of the better colors were pink, purple, fire tiger, gold, and metallic green. All took fish when an area of active biters was found.

With hot but stable weather due in for the next few days, look for the fishing to heat up as well.

Today’s tip: From time to time check your BILGE PUMPS to make certain they are working! One unlucky sole went down to his boat recently and found it 85 percent submerged. Not a good way to start the day.

Capt. Terry R. Walsh