Au Gres Fishing Report for 30 July 2012

Nice Saginaw Bay Walleye

Last Thursday’s through Saturday’s weather really stirred up the “pond” and has resulted in hunt-and-peck walleye trolling in the Augres to Pinconning area. We have taken some nice fish the last two days in the three pound class but have really had to work to box a half dozen each time out. The bite has been extremely light and at times difficult to detect even with Offshores’ Tattle Tale Flags. Today we took fish anywhere from 24 feet of water out to 31 feet, some real nice fish coming on 3 oz. bottom bouncers dragged right along the bottom in the latter depth. The ONLY way this tactic worked was by continually working the rods by hand. All of a sudden there would be the feel of “extra weight” on the line. No strike. No bite. Just the feeling of extra weight. Setting the hook produced a walleye every time!

Water temperature stayed right around 78 F all day, and we had steady fish on our sonar screen. The bulk of the fish were suspended 10 to 15 feet below the surface, but a good number of real nice fish continually appeared within three to five feet from bottom. There was a large mayfly hatch in Augres last night, and that might explain the slow bite today. Radio traffic was pretty light, but the few anglers who were out were all taking a few fish from time to time. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings!!

Today’s tip: Using planer boards or long-lining and setting the rods in rod holders doesn’t always work. Sometimes an angler just has to take the rod in hand and “work it” to catch fish!

Capt. Terry R. Walsh