Capt.Dans Fishing Report 05-07-2010

Hey everybody.
The fishing on both the bay and the river is finally falling into place. We had great fishing from ice out right up until the start of the inland season, but things slowed down for a brief period of time IMO. It may have been that weird (summer like) Hot few days we had, fallowed by those few cold fronts that moved through the area. But things seem back on track now. Both the river and the bay are giving up some nice catches of walleyes again. Jiggers are still finding some success at the Saginaw River mouth and the near and off shore trollers are both connecting now using a variety of both crankbait’s and harnesses. And in this report I have a double treat for all of you. I’m not only posting some pictures of recent fishing trips, but adding a link of a fishing trip I took last summer.
I’m always looking forward to getting back on the water with my BIG boat and trying my favorite technique. And that is using spoons as sliders above crankbait’s. I barrowed this technique from the old Salmon fishing days a few years ago, but it sure works well for walleyes. If you want to see this technique in action here it is. The Minnesota Bound TV team came over here last year and did a show on my charter boat. We visited Franks Great Outdoors first, talked to Capt. Andy while he showed us all the spoons available. Then went fishing on the bay to try them out. The show aired last week on May 2nd in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and is now on their site for viewing. My segment is the third one in, and in that particular segment/show you get an idea how to use and how productive spoon sliders can be on the Saginaw Bay. You can click on the Full Screen viewing at the bottom of the viewing screen for better detail. And in this show we do what I keep telling all of you. We fish smart, stay safe and we keep a tight line.