Capt. Dans fishing report 10-27-2009

10-27-2009aHappy Halloween everybody.
It’s been a while since I’ve trick or treated, but I still like getting out at night when everything is quiet and stare at the stars like I used to for hours on my front lawn when I was a boy. But now I do it mostly from my boat, as I troll or cast for walleyes on the Saginaw River. And this year I’ve been doing a lot more night star staring while I’m fishing, exploring river waters more in my own back yard, and it has paid off big time. Me and a close friend have been both casting and trolling in lighted areas along the Saginaw River with some impressive results. We’re using Rapala’s, Rattlin Rouges, Husky Jerks and Bombers to catch suspended walleyes feeding on both the shiners and shad near the surface, under or around these lighted areas. Our last trip produced a real monster that weighed close to 10 pounds and was caught, photographed and released. The only bummer was the picture turned out fuzzy. I’m still submitting it, as you can still see how big it was. Also a few others from our recent catches on the river. I’m still booking both day and night 1 or 2-man trips on the river in my Jet Sled. If your interested in learning this technique give me a call. Otherwise, always be safe, fish smart and tight lines.