Capt. Dan’s Fishing Report 11-21-2012

Captain Dan

Well, I know now why I quit deer hunting. It’s for days like the pictures show below. We fished for 2 straight days on the Bay (3 hours each day) and landed 18 walleyes of very impressive size. We threw back 14 of them as they were/are to big to eat in my own humble opinion. The smaller 17 to 19 inchers is what I’m after and anything unharmed from the catching ordeal and over 24 inches goes back most of the time in my boat. Husky Jerks and Rattlin Rouges were the medicine for these fall giants and Mother Nature gave us almost a week of calm waters to catch them in. Cannot guarantee it, but if you are not afraid of some chilly air temps give me a call and we could get you out on a real special charter right now. Be safe, fish smart and tight lines. Capt. Dan.

Walleye Express