Capt.Dans Fishing Report

Hey everybody.
I’m very sorry about not keeping up with the reports so far this summer. I’ve had some unexpected problems with my boat that had to be addressed, and those problems kept it out of the water until early last week. And not having any first hand info of my own and very few pictures, I always hate posting Here-Say reports from others. Not that I don’t get good reliable info from friends and from my fishing board, but it just doesn’t feel right to me to post them.

Anyway’s, I finally got out last Sunday 6-13-10. And as Grandpa used to say, “It was as rough as a cob out there”. 3 to 4 foot rollers coming in off Lake Huron, with those 2 to 3 foot choppers thrown in between them. You know, the typical NE windy day on Saginaw Bay.

We did however catch some fish, but didn’t really set any new records. According to the guys who were fishing a tournament out of LBM that day, the bite was very tough for everybody. Started out with a big one on a harness baited with a Gulp Worm, but that bite soon went dead. Changed over to cranks and spoon sliders and things got way better fast. Only bad part again this year is those 12 to 14 1/2 inch fish that simply love those small spoons, making our catch-to-keep ratio a little less then stellar.

Guys who pounded their way out past the 47’s and beyond had some better luck for the bigger fish using lead core and bare spoons. 3 and 4 colors of core, running them at 2.1mph seems to be the ticket this year for the spoon users.

I would have taken and posted some pictures here of the fish from my first trip out, but by the time we got back to the ramp (from all the rocking of the boat) it felt like somebody had beat me up. So I quickly cleaned the fish and washed down the boat without any pictures or fanfare. Once I get back in the groove, you’ll see more reports with my usual pictures. Be safe, fish smart and tight lines everyone…  (pictures).