Capt.Dans fishing report 6/30/2012

Hey everybody.

Really no sense in dwelling on the obvious. Because if you’ve been out on the bay at all in the last 3 weeks you know the fishing and the catching are off the charts. Spoons, harnesses, crankbaits, you name it, it’s working. The walleyes seem to be sticking around in the inner Bay just a tad longer this year and maybe, just maybe a share of them will stay around and in the biting mood into August this year. But in my experience we have a biting/catching lull coming that usually starts in mid to late July, even if the fish do stick around in the inner Bay. But hey, who knows, this may be the year they bite all summer.

If not, I heard the Salmon are already biting good in Manistee.

As usual, I’m posting some recent charter pictures while using my 18 footer. Still pleanty of catchable walleyes near enough to shore for smaller boats to get in on the action. So theres no excuse even if your boat is a smaller one.

Be safe, fish smart and tight lines.

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