Capt. Dan’s Fishing Report 7-23-2012

Hey everybody.
Well I hate to say it, but the July walleye curse I talked about in my earlier report pretty much arrived on schedule. About less then a week after my last report, water temps surged up to 80+ degrees during the heat of the day and it started to slow down the walleye bite on the inner Bay in spades and now the walleye fishing is almost basically dead in the shallower waters. Oh, they are still catching some limits in the deeper waters of the outer Bay in the 26 to 34 FOW range, but even those walleyes are a tougher proposition as of late according to the reports I’m getting. The inner bay is still giving up 2 or 3 walleyes a day and many more trash fish per trip for a few of my savvy fishing friends, but even those are what I call (weed bed walleyes) that never leave the inner bay no matter what the water temps. Fishing for those fish is best done at Pre-dawn to just after daylight, before the surface temps climb into the 80 degree mark. Using harnesses with no weight at all keeps them above the weeds and attracts these fish out of their weed bed hiding spots. This technique also works for the fish still hanging around on the reefs and tapered bars jutting out into the Bay during the cooler times of the day. I’ve had several calls for charters lately but have declined knowing that it’s going to take a 10 to 12 mile run out one way to get into the better fishing. That’s my honest analysis of what’s going on right now. Cooler weather will change things but not any time soon.

Be safe, fish smart and tight lines.

Capt. Dan.
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