Capt. Dan’s Fishing Report 7/08/2013

nice catchWhen this season started out, it looked like Both Mother Nature and the walleyes themselves were going to throw us a curve ball. The usual shallow water spring fishing never really set up and became productive like in years past. Heavy (flood conditions) rains and run-off, along with high NNE NNW winds kept the Bay filled with debris and in highly stained/muddy turmoil. But June fishing was the best I can remember and July has started off the same. We’ve not had any real extended Hot Weather patterns quit yet, like they’ve had out west. And I believe this has extended productive near shore fishing as well as stalled many of the walleyes habits of migrating north to the outer Bay as the inner bay waters heat up. So the bad news at the front has given way to good news at the back of all this. As we get into July of course this could all accelerate and get us right back on track into a normal year. But for now, the shallower waters continue to provide those nice eater sized walleyes and the deeper areas out near the Spark Plugs and channel buoys some bigger fish, using a variety of entices.
Charlie_002Personally, I’m still stuck on using crank baits. Any time I can get away from the mess of using crawlers, I’m there. But of course crank bait use is a more precise game it seems as the waters warm. Whereas, crawlers attract more attention from even the most finicky walleye during those hot dull-drum days. A trick of mine when this happens is using a small 1/3 piece of crawler at the front of my crank baits. Lay the front hooks flat on the lures body, so 2 of the trebles are touching the crank. Now attach the piece of crawler at it’s very tip to the hook on the treble sticking up and away from the body. This will keep the lure running straight and not spoil the diving dynamics of the crank. You’ll be surprised how many more strikes you’ll get using this technique on slower days. I’m posting a few recent pictures of clients.

As always, be safe, fish smart and tight lines.

Capt. Dan.
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