Capt. Dans Fishing report. 9-18-2009

Hey, Gang.9-18-09a

Well, I may have to take back my last report about the fishing falling off in September. But I think my own recent good fishing success has everything to do with the late summer we’re having. Water temps have stayed in the high 60’s to lower 70’s all through this month so far and the results have been a sustained walleye bite. Not as hot and heavy as the mid-summer bites. And definitely not in all areas of the bay like during mid-summer. But enough action to keep even the most fickle fisherman happy. The best spots seem to be those close to shore areas near Sand Bars and Reefs. Where the waters warm faster and attract those forage species looking to escape the colder deeper waters as long as they can. I took two trips this month out of Gambills Marina. One on labor Day 9-07-09 and the other yesterday 9-17-09 and took a 2 man limit on both days. A combination of harnesses and Rattle Tots were the baits of choice and trolling in anywhere from 9 to 18 FOW was the zones. I’ve enclosed pictures of both trips below. Keep me in mind for a 2 man charter trip either on the bay or the rivers coming up this fall.
And like always, be safe fish smart and tight lines.