Captain Dan Fishing Reports – 3/3/2012

Hey Folks.

Sorry again for the time-laps between reports. Some personal problems at home have come up along with the NO-show winter we’ve had, putting any fishing trips on the back burner for me this winter. Some of these things are starting to straighten themselves out now, so hopefully (keeping my finger crossed) I will be back on the water soon. In fact with no ice on the Bay, back on the water is exactly what I’m talking about. The brother and I are planing a trip out trolling early next week with temps predicted to get into the low 50’s.

But the rivers open water jig fishery this winter season has been on fire lately. People catching 50 to 100 sub legal walleyes per trip/boat along with a limit of those 15 to 19 inchers tells me this coming summer season could produce another banner year for us Bay troller. But with recent heavy rains and thunderstorms (02-02-12) the rivers will now get high/swift and debris filled, making them very tough to fish and pinpoint the fish. But they will still bite for those intent on fishing slow, using high visibilty jigs (pictures included) and paying attention to those technique details concerning vertical jigging. Until next time, be safe, fish smart and tight lines.

 Until next time, be safe, fish smart and tight lines. See Pictures . . . (pictures).

Capt. Dan
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