Captain Dans Fishing Report 9-2-10

Hey everybody,
Well, few if anything has changed on the Bay as far as walleyes go. The Bay water temps have only cooled off a couple of degrees the last couple of weeks and Loc Jaw still seems to be the feeding temperament the walleyes are in. My last trip produced what my last 3 trips on the bay have, that being 2 walleyes. It’s become almost like a quota the bay gives you for the effort. The floating weeds are still a nightmare depending on wind direction and ferocity. The check marks on the fish finder still let you know that there are lots of fish down there, but their mood negative.

The perch fishing success on the bay seems to be the only light in a very dark room. Guys have been catching both numbers and some dandy’s out near the 1 & 2 buoys, and along the channel from the first Spark Plug out. I’m told, the key is having good shiners, and this hot weather again makes finding those at a premimum. This walleye cathing repreve on the bay did allow me for a day on the river for some King Salmon fishing. Even that has been stalled a bit from the warm water temps on the other side of the state. But I did manage to catch a couple of fish on my trip. I’ve included those and all the pictures I’ve taken since my last report and I know the walleye bite will start again soon. It just may be we’ll have another great fall bite like last year. I’m keeping my Big boat in the water an extra month to do some fall charters. It is a risk weather wise, but after canceling virtually all of my August charters I”m going to risk it. So any of you interested in a late charter, keep your eyes on my reports for better news. And as always, be safe, fish smart and tight lines.

Capt. Dan
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