Capt.Dans Fishign Report – 10-18-09

10-18-2009a1Hey, everybody.   
The fishing on the Saginaw River continues to improve almost daily. The water temps are steadily falling in what seems to be an early winter headed our way. This of course can change quick as anybody who lives in Michigan knows. But the real surprise to me is that we’re catching nicer nice fish in the size we did not consistently catch as the norm, all summer long while trolling the inner Bay. The majority of these river fish are 21 to 23 inches, with quit a few exceeding 24 inches. We’ve taken a few on our last 2 trips that were in that 5 to 7 pound range, with some of the bigger females developing very visible eggs sacs already. All those bigger fish were released to fight again by us, but the timing on their egg development seems a tad early IMV. The other real treat is how we’re catching them. Trolling with lead core line and the smaller #5 Shad Raps are really producing for us. And when we find a bait ball with walleyes being marked nearby, we jig for them using Knuckleball jigs, baited with 2 1/2″ Gulp minnows. As usual I’m posting some of the pictures from the last 2 trips on the river. I’m still accepting charter bookings for 2 man trips on the rivers and will be doing so till ice-up. Even short notice trips are accepted if I’m open and the weather is right. And as usual, be safe, fish smart and tight lines.

Capt. Dan
Walleye Express Charters