Capt.Dans Fishing Report 11-24-2009

Hey everybody.
11-24-2009dI’m posting yet another report and pictures tight on the heels of the last one, because as the fall wears on, this spectacular open water fishing we’re having on the Bay right now will soon be done and gone. I know it’s hard to squeeze yet more time into what is always a busy schedule for Michigan sportsman this time of year. But this unseasonably warm weather combined with light winds, has created ideal conditions this fall to really take advantage of a fishery few of us have ever witnessed or taken advantage of on the Bay. And the average size walleye being caught right now are the biggest of the 2009 season. I’m posting a pictures of some of my trips along with a 13 pounder that my brother Dave caught while fishing next to us, out of his boat with his girl friend on 11-20-09. This trophy topped off his 10 fish/2 man limit for the day. Then add to that another 8 pounder he caught, along with three other 5 pounders he took, and his total weight for 5 fish would have been more then 35 pounds.

11-24-2009These are fish the size and in the quantity that rivals the late 80’s/early 90’s when the Saginaw Bays walleye fishery just started to come back. The hot bites right now are occurring anywhere from 12 FOW to 19 FOW in an area triangled by G-Buoy, the Dumping Grounds and the Cigar. Deep diving and plane #14 Husky Jerks, Little Rippers and Bombers are all working great. I see by the long range weather reports we still have a few more days predicted to be decent for open lake trolling. I urge anybody who can get out there to do so. I will continue to book 2 man trips on the bay as long as the weather and conditions stay safe for using my smaller 18′ boat. After that, the river will be my target. One last thing to remember is to be extra safe during these times when getting wet or (God forbid) taking a swim is EXTRA dangerous. Wear your life preserver in any kind of chop during these cold months. Be safe, fish smart and tight lines.