Fishing in Michigan

fishing-michigan1Just because cold weather has arrived in Michigan doesn’t mean you have to put your fishing activities on hold. The state’s fishing opportunities are on proud display during the winter months with many anglers proclaiming this as the best time to go fishing.

The appeal stems from the fact that anglers can get just about anywhere on the lake during ice fishing season and that virtually every fish that’s available in the summer can be caught through the ice. In fact, some are even caught more frequently in the winter.

Are you new to ice fishing? Don’t be intimated by the idea of heading out! Learn about the kind of equipment you need and the safety precautions to take. The DNR has lots of this information online to educate you

Do you already go ice fishing? Consider taking on a new challenge by targeting a different species. Popular winter species include bluegill, crappie, smelt, walleyes and yellow perch (among others). Anglers use a variety of ice fishing techniques to target these species, including hook-and-line, tip-ups and spearing.

fishing-michigan2Learn about these fishes and techniques needed to catch them in the winter by checking out the “Michigan Fish and How to Catch Them” section of the DNR’s website.

Consider exploring the wealth of fishing opportunities Michigan offers this winter. Start planning your next fishing trip at