Harbor Beach Fishing Report 9/06/2013

Lake Huron

Lake Huron Steelie

Once the waves calm and you can get back out on the lake you will want to try for the Steeelhead and Salmon using Spoons off the downriggers, and lead lines off the Offshore boards.  The number 3 Offshore Tadpoles are working with the lead lines, set the tadpoles about 10 feet after your lead then let out another 100 feet of line. Small, and Regular size spoons will work best. You might want to try some J-Plugs for the Salmon as there have been some showing back up in 70 to 90 feet of water straight out and South of the harbor by the humps.  You can also look for the color lines on the lake and work them for the steelhead. Try orange, silver and green colors

Lake Trout will be scattered, try North, South, and straight out of the harbor.  Try using dodgers or cow bells with spin and glows, peanuts, and spoons close to the bottom and also spoons down 65 to 70 feet.

Walleye fishing is still slow but some were taken  this weekend in the same water as the Salmon, if the surface temp warms up try fishing between Harbor Beach and Port Hope in 70 to 90 feet of water with small body baits and small spoons on the Offshore boards early morning and late evenings.  Also try the Crawler harnesses with night crawlers. Try off the wall early morning and late evening casting small body baits.

Dredging still continues, there is plenty of water at the ramps and out the channel, ask at the office which docks have the best water.

Keep those lines tight,

Captains Ken and Janice Deaton
J-Lyn Charters
Harbor Beach MI