Harbor Beach MI Fishing Report 09-11-2009

2009dLake Trout fishing is still very good.  Try fishing straight out and North of the harbor.  Fishing 80 to 100 feet of water first thing in the morning, then move out to 105 to 130 feet of water.  Try using the dull silver dodgers with the green body and white wings or the white with pink dots and white wing, spin and glows, fishing close to the bottom.  If the fishing is slow try using some plain spoons down 80 feet off the downriggers and speed up some, the copper with orange and black, gold, and green colors have still been working best.

There have still been some nice Salmon taken out in the 80 to 130 foot of water areas.    Try some Spin Doctors and Action Flys and magnum size spoons off the downriggers or try the Dipsey Divers back 125 to 225 feet.  Try black with glow ovals, gold colors, or the green or blue alewive colors. 

Walleye fishing is fair to good, try fishing straight out front and North of the harbor with the crawler harness and hot and tots, and small to medium size spoons.  I would start trolling in 40 to 50 feet of water and work out to the deeper waters of 60 to 100 feet.  They have been setting in the upper sections of water first thing in the morning and closer to the bottom as the sun comes up.  Long lines or the ten color lead lines have still been working best.  Best colors continue to be the copper, orange, green, and yellow colors straight or with small blades in front.

Steelhead action continues to get better, find those color lines and you should do good, continue to troll those bright color pinks, yellows, and orange lures for best results back 150 feet off the Offshore Boards, downriggers, or dipseys.  Remember if they are on a slow bite, try speeding up more than usually, it usually works!  Top 50 to 60 feet of water has been best.

Perch fishing is still scattered, try South of the harbor by the cemetery or Wagner Park, the walkway at the swim beach and by the lighthouse, try fishing the 30 to 60 feet of water areas as well using minnows.


Keep those lines tight!
Captains Ken and Janice Deaton
J-Lyn Charters
Harbor Beach MI