Looks like the wind will keep us on shore for the first part of the week, but once it settles down give this a try.

Before the big winds.  There were some nice size Salmon taken  this weekend South and straight out from the harbor. Try starting in 45 to 50 feet of water first thing in the morning and work your way out as the sun comes up. Try spoons off the downriggers set from 15 feet down to the bottom. Spoons on the offshore boards running the tadpoles with long lines are working well. Best colors continue to be the blues, greens, silver, and the fire tiger. Also try some body baits on the boards as well.

There were some nice Lake Trout taken out in the deeper water, straight out and North of the harbor, start in 60 to 70 feet and work out till you find where they are setting. Spoons or dodgers with flys 40 feet down to the bottom were working.

Put out some long lines or lead lines with bright colored spoons off the boards for some steelhead. Oranges, yellows, bright greens and blues are good colors.

If you want to try for some perch, try minnows by the lighthouse or South by the cemetery. Start in 25 feet and work around till you find them.

Brown Trout will be in close, use long lines to get back away from the boat. Body baits and spoons in blue, silver, purple or green are good.
Keep those lines tight,

Captains Ken & Janice Deaton
J-Lyn Charters
Harbor Beach MI