Hot Walleye Action out of Au Gres

Walleye fishing out of AuGres is starting to heat up pretty good, with limit catches becoming more common.  The Bay seems to be LOADED with walleye, as fish were taken from as shallow as 8 feet to as deep as 40 feet.  Today was one of those days that if you were fishing it was hard NOT to catch fish!

The main bait today was crawlers and harnesses, and virtually all the action was in the upper 10 feet of water, so the 2-ounce inline sinkers weren’t putting the baits very far back.  1.3-1.7 mph was the norm, as the water was pretty cool with all the north winds the last few days.

Also, some of the boats had to do a lot of “sorting”, as there is an unusually large number of younger year-class walleye in the fishery this year.  That’s GREAT NEWS!!  We could be in for some PHENOMIANL fishing for the next several years!  This is also a fantastic time to take kids fishing, as they have little time to get bored!

Today’s tip:  top off those gas tanks before leaving port.  It’s hard finding a tow in when everyone is busy catching fish!!

Capt. Terry R. Walsh