Keel Hauling still working by capt.dan

img_01481Boated 15 boxed 11 for the 1/2 day trip today. And ya know, I’m starting to get used to 3 footers to start the day off, after so many days this summer doing so. But my Keel/Crank and Meat program is still workling, and I’m not seeing many nets flying from the guys slow trolling out there the last few trips. Here’s a picture of the 2 fine young lads that caught some nice fish today and 2 pictures of my hotest rigs today. The Walleye runner had some real action today. 3 times today after I had let it out and was about to clip it into the release clip, the rubber band was ripped from my teeth. Once breaking off the line itself and snapping me right in the lip, and it hurt. Mad Evil or Very Mad And the Pink/Gold and white Rattle tot caught the bigger fish Friday and today. Wink