Right move at the right time for Walleye 7-27-09

Started this morning about 1 mile SW of the northern end of the Dumping Grounds. The plan was to troll it’s northern edge East and West. The strong winds changed those plans as it was impossible to turn around and troll any way but with the waves. It was one of those days when the wind is stronger then even the waves they are creating. To much duty for my HT 8 horse Yamaha pushing the Grady today. So even though we started off with a fish on the very first rod I was letting out, it soon dried out as we got pushed out into that dead zone just north of the dumping grounds.

I quickly changed over to Rattle Tots and keels thinking that might change things. But by 10:30 we still only had that one fish in the box. I made the decision to pull all lines and break waves way in towards the State Park. Right around 14 FOW I stoped the boat and shortened the leads on the Keels and cranks to 30 feet. Got all the lines out without a touch and when we hit 16.8 feet all hell broke loose. Made 2 passes and boated 25 walleyes. 17 were keepers but we lost 3 nice walleyes behind the boat from broken wire leaders. Seems Ol’Capt Dan crimps them a bit to hard.