Saginaw Bay Area Fishing Report 09-04-2009

Updated Saginaw Bay Area Fishing Report
by Captain Dan
Posted: 09/04/2009   Capt. Dan

 Hey Gang. 
Well fall seems to be apon us a tad ahead of time this year. Water temps on both the large and small bodies of water are cooling very fast with these cold nights. This is putting the walleye bite on the Bay into that “Fall Funk” I talk about on my reports just about every year during this time. But with that said, there are still some people connecting with some decent walleyes, in those isolated spots and during those short biting periods that the fish go on during these change over times. Those active biting periods IMV and for the most part happen later into the day now, usually between 10:00 am and 2:00 PM, as the sun warms (even slightly) the top layers of water, which in turn starts the food chain (top to bottom) moving around. It also means fishing shallower IMV for better success, as shallow waters warm faster and stays warmer longer. I’ve already heard recently that the really deeper (Outer Bay) waters are drying up bite wise.9-04-2009cAll this has me thinking about puling my big boat out of the marina a little earlier this season for it’s winterization. I usually wait till the 3rd week of September. But I plan to do more river and Bay (near shore) shallow water exploring and pleasure fishing myself, and/or chartering a lot more this late season out of my smaller boat. I’ve discovered a few more productive spots both on the river and in the shallow bay waters to catch fish during this late period, so have added it to my charter options. Go to my web site for details. I’ve also added some recent pictures 9-02-09 of a few fish we caught in these spots and hope these spots continue to produce. I also added a couple of pictures of a recent West Side River trip for Salmon. I always have to get back at least once a year to my river guide roots. Stay safe, fish smart and tight lines everybody.. . . (pictures).