Saginaw Bay Area Weekly Fishing Report 08/11/2016

 Success seems to be tied to getting good minnows

Success seems to be tied to getting good minnows

Saginaw Bay had perch activity over the last week. Fish were caught in 15 feet off Gambil’s Marina, between Pinconning and Linwood in the Black Hole, near the Spark Plug (Buoys 11 & 12) and around sailboat Buoys A, B and H. Success seems to be tied to getting good minnows; shiners are preferred, and not all bait shops have them this time of year. Walleye fishing was pretty slow at all locations including the Slot. A few were taken along the deep side of the weed beds off Pinconning. A few were starting to look for perch off Quanicassee. The lucky ones had maybe 10 fish per boat. Catfish were caught on crawlers at the Hot Pond.

Saginaw River shore anglers on the lower river continue to catch smallmouth bass, freshwater drum, catfish and a few small perch.

Au Gres Area, the few boats still after walleye were fishing northeast of Big Charity Island or around the Steeples. A few fish were caught in 15 to 30 feet.

Outer Saginaw Bay

Oscoda: Has a good number of lake trout and steelhead in the area. Early morning start in 90 to 100 feet of water and work your way out. Spread the baits top to bottom as most of the fish are suspended. Change up baits regularly as pink salmon and small Chinook are in the area. You may have these fish on your line without tripping the release. Pier fishing has really started to pick up late in the evening. Channel cats are starting to come in around 10 pm and biting throughout the night.

Au Sable River: Has smallmouth bass in good numbers and sizes.


Port Austin: Anglers were still catching some walleye between Port Austin and Lighthouse Park. Fishing is not as good as it has been.

Tawas: Boats trolling out to 70 feet caught a few walleye and steelhead on spoons. Pier fishing was summer-slow with only the odd rock bass or smallmouth caught.

Tawas River: Shore anglers in the lower river caught a couple catfish, drum, rock bass or the odd pike.