Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 04/10/2014

Saginaw River Dow Launch Open

Saginaw River Dow Launch Open

Saginaw Bay ice along the edge is gone to the point that anglers will need waders to get out. Keep in mind, if the wind shifts, you might not be able to get back. It would be best to put away the ice fishing gear and stay off the ice! A few guys with air-boats are still fishing but most are getting ready for spring.

Shore anglers are starting to fish for perch at the Quanicassee River, the Garner Road Drain, and off Kirk Road. Most caught small fish as the perch really have not come in yet. The Thomas Cut is just opening up. At Sebewaing, the river was fishable but nothing was caught. It appears the fish runs will peak about two weeks later than usual this year because of the harsh winter. We could see an unusually good walleye opener on the rivers because fewer fish will have left by the time the season opens on April 26th.

Au Gres surf anglers clamoring about on the icebergs have caught a couple steelhead and the odd brown trout off the mouth of Whitney Drain.

Rifle River the sucker runs are just barely getting started. There is still a fair amount of floating ice still coming down the river.

Outer Saginaw Bay Area:
Au Sable River steelhead are making their way up into the river.  There have been some fish caught but most seem to have been in the river a while.  Anglers are using spawn, wax worms, small spoons and body baits.  Warmer weather has anglers out in good numbers but catch rates were down as the river was high and the flow was fast.  Ice flows were still coming down and the water was cloudy.  The launches are clearing out.  Rea Road and Whirl Pool had plenty of parking.

Tawas shore fishing has started off the mouth of the Tawas River where a light number of steelhead have been caught.

Weekly Fishing Tip: Spring is a great time for targeting steelhead

The month of April is often a perfect time to fish for steelhead in Michigan’s rivers. Did you know our state is thought to offer some of the best steelhead fishing in the country?

A variety of techniques can be used to fish for this aggressive species; including live bait, artificial lures and flies. Rivers all across Michigan provide access for steelhead fishing. Some better-known rivers include the Betsie, Grand, Little Manistee, Manistee, Manistique, Pere Marquette and St. Joseph rivers in the Lake Michigan watershed; the Au Sable River in the Lake Huron watershed; the Huron River in the Lake Erie watershed; and the Huron and Two Hearted rivers in the Lake Superior watershed.