Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 06/26/2014

Saginaw River Rear Range Light

Saginaw River Rear Range Light

Saginaw Bay fishing reports good to excellent walleye fishing. Anglers have done well in 10 feet off the Pinconning Bar, 16 feet off Gambil’s Marina, Buoys 1 & 2, the old Dumping Grounds, in 20 feet two miles east of the Spark Plug, six to eight feet off Finn Road and the Callahan Reef, 12 to 16 feet along the Slot from Sunset Bay Marina to North Island, 10 to 20 feet along the west side of The Bar, and Wildfowl Bay. Some are taking limit catches but most are getting some fish every trip. Crawler harnesses work best but Hot-n-Tots have also taken fish. Hot colors were blue and chrome, black and orange backs, black and gold or purple.

Saginaw River those trolling in the lower river between the mouth and the Coast Guard Station are catching walleye. Shore anglers at Smith Park caught catfish, freshwater drum and the occasional smallmouth bass.

Au Gres has a lot of boats, a lot of people and a lot of walleye coming in. Some are getting limit catches. They are fishing in 30 to 40 feet between the points, south of Pointe Au Gres, and north of Big Charity Island. Crawler harnesses were best but crank baits also caught fish.

Au Gres River night anglers are catching channel catfish.

Outer Saginaw Bay:

Grindstone City is producing good catches of steelhead and lake trout in 60 to 80 feet and limit catches lake trout just off the bottom in 140 feet.

Oscoda boat anglers are doing well for steelhead and salmon in 40 to 80 feet with spoons, body baits or spin-glows. Lake trout are suspended off the bottom in 70 to 100 feet. Spoons with flashers seem to be the best attractants. Pier anglers did well early and late.

  • Au Sable River walleye are moving into the river in good numbers. Boats drifting from the Bridge to the mouth are doing very well. Most are using crawlers and leeches with split shot to adjust for the current.

Port Austin the boat launch and ramp are finally open!

Tawas boat anglers are running to the north side of Big Charity Island and getting walleyes in 30 to 35 feet. A few fish were also taken near Buoy #2. A couple boats were heading south around the tip of Tawas Point and then going north toward Au Sable Point for salmon and lake trout. Chinook and lake trout were caught in 50 feet. Pier fishing was slow with only a few large or smallmouth bass and rock bass caught.

  • Tawas River shore anglers fishing the lower river caught a few smallmouth bass. Catfish were caught at night.




Weekly Fishing Tip: What to do when walleyes pick up close-up of walleye caught in Michigan
Walleye fishing is picking up steadily in the large inland lakes in northern Michigan. Some of these lakes include Burt, Mullett, Black, Long, Grand and Hubbard.

Many anglers who fish these lakes over the years are learning that by this time of the year, it is best to troll for walleye with lines that are elevated in the water column. Many think of walleye as a benthic, or bottom, species. While this is true at times, this species will come a long way up in the water column to hit your presentation. More so, they will often suspend in the water column based on forage.

The mayfly hatch has begun on these lakes, so expect to find these fish anywhere from five to 15 feet off the bottom, focusing your crankbaits or crawler harnesses in that region, instead of along the bottom. You might be surprised how well you can do.