Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 10/09/2014



Saginaw Bay, Bay City Area boat fishing was almost non-existent because of the cold and windy weather. There were some rumors of perch near the Spark Plug and the sailboat buoys off Linwood. Not much happening off Quanicassee as most all the fishing is taking place in the river because it was too windy on the bay. A few boats that were able to get out from Sebewaing caught some perch at the end of the navigation channel and from the Slot.

Saginaw River some channel catfish were caught in the lower river.

Au Gres Area had almost no boats heading out. Rumor has it some perch were caught off the Saganing and Pinconning bars.

Outer Saginaw Bay:

Oscoda was slow with only a few salmon caught. There has not been a run yet so the fish may be staging outside the river mouth. If the weather permits, anglers may want to try trolling spoons, body baits or natural baits near the mouth. Walleye were caught on crawlers and body baits early morning and late evening.

  • Au Sable River steelhead should start to make their way up the river soon. Anglers will have to wait for the water to slow down as the spill gates on the dam have been open and the water was cloudy.

Port Austin pier anglers took some walleye and smallmouth bass from the mouth of Bird Creek. They were casting fire-tiger crank baits.

Tawas Area a few walleye, catfish and freshwater drum were caught in the harbor. Virtually no boats were heading out.

  • Tawas River some walleyes were caught by those using various lures.


Weekly Fishing Tip: How to catch muskellunge when others can’t

Angler holding a muskellungeFor many anglers muskellunge can be quite elusive, but having a few tips in your back pocket can make your trips more successful.
The first thing to consider is the type of lure you might use. Many experts recommend using a jerkbait-style lure to trigger vertical follows.
The next item to consider is where you might look for muskellunge. Always be looking for cover, including weed patches or downed trees – these are prime spots for this species to linger.
Lastly, don’t be afraid to focus your fishing time to late afternoon/early evening. These dusty hours can produce some quality opportunities.
For even more information on fishing for muskellunge, check out their page on the DNR’s Michigan Fish and How to Catch Them website.