Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 10/10/2013


Perch Fishing on Saginaw Bay

Saginaw Bay a few perch were caught off the Pinconning Bar which is straight off Pinconning in 9 to 12 feet and off Linwood.  A walleye and some channel cats were caught in the Hot Ponds which are just east of the mouth of the Saginaw River.  On the east side of the bay, several shore anglers caught bluegill, crappie, rock bass and a few perch.  Smallmouth bass were caught in Wildfowl Bay but most of the boats out there are duck hunters.  Just north of Caseville, perch fishing was slow off Oak Point.   

  • Saginaw River fishing is slow and will probably stay that way for a few days after several inches of rain fell in the watershed (plenty of shad are in the river system).

Au Gres  perch fishing was spotty but a few decent catches were taken in 45 feet of water off the Northport Marina, which is just to the north of Au Gres.

  • Au Gres River  anglers fishing the East Branch can be found near the Singing Bridge.  Salmon can be seen in the surf and the lower river however they will not bite.

Outer Saginaw Bay:
Oscoda salmon have been caught off the pier, but again seem to be coming in and out of the river.  The majority of fish seem to be fresh.

Au Sable River  a few salmon have made it up into the river.  Anglers are hoping rain will cool the water temperatures and improve the flow.

Tawas  anglers fishing from the pier and inside the harbor have caught a few small perch and some rock bass.  One angler did catch a 26 pound chinook salmon.

  • Tawas River a few salmon were caught in the lower river at night.


What to do when you’re looking for crappie in the fall
This time of year can bring some of the best results when it comes to fishing for crappie. Want to target these panfish when you head out in the coming days or weeks?

These fish often stay in deeper water longer than other panfish – and they also tend to move around more as they target large schools of baitfish. If you use baits that imitate a crappie’s food of choice you’ll be more likely to find them.

Keep in mind that crappies will get less and less active as the water cools off and they slow down. You’ll then want to slow your presentation and offer smaller baits to keep seeing success.