SAGINAW BAY Fishing Report 10/13/2017

Bumping Flies Pays Off BIG TIME!

Saginaw Bay perch were caught off the mouth of the Pine River near Standish and off Eagle Bay Marina. Good depths ranged from 8 to 10 feet on the shallow end to 20 feet on the deep end. Assorted panfish were caught in the lower Pine River at the access site. Perch fishing was hit-or-miss along the inner bay but a few were taken northeast of Spoils Island when boats could get out. Fishing on the east side was slow from Quanicassee to Caseville with only the odd walleye or perch taken. Results were a bit better inside the marina at Sebewaing and the adjacent Sebewaing River where shore anglers caught a mixed bag of panfish, a few small bass and halfway decent pike.

Saginaw River a few walleye were taken in the lower river near Bay Harbor Marina.

Au Gres Area those trolling for walleye did good in waters 30 feet and deeper when trolling a crawler harness halfway down. Perch anglers were getting fish out by the shipping channel in 50 feet, off Pointe Au Gres and off the mouth of the Au Gres River.

Au Gres River on the East Branch, Chinook salmon were present in the lower end of Whitney Drain at the Singing Bridge access site.

Outer Saginaw Bay:

Oscoda anglers trolling spoons and crank baits off the mouth of the river and around the pies were marking a few large fish along with baitfish but the large fish did not want to bite. Pier anglers caught walleye and channel cats in the evening. Decent size smallmouth bass were caught from the pier when using crank baits or jigs with soft plastics. A small number of Chinook were caught on spoons.

Au Sable River a couple Atlantic salmon were caught below Foote Dam and in Van Etten Creek by those floating skein or casting spoons and spinners. A steelhead was caught on a spoon at the mouth. Smallmouth bass, freshwater drum, rock bass, and a couple yellow perch were taken in the lower river when floating a crawler. Water temperatures below Foote Dam were in the mid 60’s.

Tawas Area Pier anglers on the state dock were starting to get a few perch inside the harbor. Minnows were just starting to come into the harbor and bringing the perch with them. On the outside, those “walking the wall” with crank baits caught a few walleye in the early morning or late evening. A few Chinook were seen jumping outside of the wall at night. Some perch were caught near Jerry’s Marina.

Tawas River a few Chinook salmon were caught by various methods including casting or floating spawn bags in the lower river.

Fishing Tip: Lake whitefish, not just for commercial anglers

Although extremely important to Great Lakes commercial fishers, lake whitefish are becoming more and more popular with recreational anglers throughout Michigan. But you really have to know how to catch this delicious species!

The lake whitefish has a small, exceedingly delicate mouth and is confined to dining on insects, freshwater shrimp, small fish and fish eggs, and bottom organisms. Most feeding takes place on or near lake-bottoms. Keep that in mind when selecting your bait.

If you’re interested in staying inland and looking for lake whitefish, stick with deep, clear-water lakes. If you’re interested in heading to the Great Lakes they can most often be found in deep water, either on or near the bottom.

For more information on fishing for lake whitefish visit their page on the Michigan White Fish and How to Catch Them website.