Saginaw Bay Fishing Report. 6/20/2013

Saginaw Bay: Had fair to good walleye fishing along the Coryeon Reef, Callahan Reef, the Slot, Wildfowl Bay and North Island. Caseville and the area around Big Charity Island were slow.

Saginaw River: Those fishing off Smith Park caught smallmouth bass, channel catfish and freshwater drum.

Weekly Fishing Tip: How to catch your own nightcrawlers
Are you interested in catching and keeping your own nightcrawlers? It’s fairly easy to do so, just follow these simple steps.

1. Know where to look. Scout areas (such as parks, playgrounds, open grassy areas) after a good rain. Look for nightcrawler castings (the little piles of dirt they leave behind) and then plan your next visit following the next good rain.
2. Know when to collect. Nightcrawlers are best caught an hour or so after dark.
3. Bring the right equipment. Nightcrawlers are sensitive to vibrations so wear light-weight shoes. They’re also sensitive to bright light so consider rigging your flashlight with a red cover over the lens.
4. Store them properly. Upon catching, just lay them on top of the storage bedding, don’t mix them in. This will allow you to remove sick or dead nightcrawlers more easily.