Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 8/15/2013

Au Gres Walleye

Au Gres Walleye

Saginaw Bay  for the most part, the walleye have moved far offshore, even beyond the Charity Islands. (updated reports) This is typical for August (not always true) as the fish head out to deeper water. The baitfish that hatched last spring are now big enough to interest the walleye. With that said, your crawlers and crank baits are competing with millions of shiners and gizzard shad. Most of the walleye anglers from Pinconning to Essexville are making the long trip (12 miles from Bay City) out to Buoys 1 and 2 as well as four to five miles past them. Walleye have been caught northeast of the Black Hole in 22 feet. No perch activity to report. Boat anglers from Quanicassee, Sebewaing and Bay Port are heading across the Bar to fish deeper water along the east side of the shipping channel or going out to and past Buoys 1 and 2. Catch rates were not great with only one to four fish per boat. The walleye off Caseville and Port Austin have moved to deeper water.

Saginaw River:  Is producing some catfish, freshwater drum and smallmouth bass in the lower river near Essexville. The Hot Pond is producing catfish.

Au Gres:  Still has a good number of walleye anglers. A few limit catches were taken by the die-hards. Some are heading straight out from the mouth of the river to waters 25 to 35 feet deep but catch rates were slow (due to cold front but should heat back up this weekend with warmer temps). Others are traveling anywhere between two and nine miles south of Pointe Au Gres. A few were perch fishing in 35 to 40 feet off the hotel but most of the fish caught were small.

Au Gres River:   Is producing a good number of catfish and some freshwater drum.    

Outer Saginaw Bay:

Grindstone City:  Those trolling to Lighthouse Park have caught smallmouth bass in 25 to 35 feet and walleye in 35 to 45 feet. Those trolling spin-glows for lake trout also caught a couple walleye in 140 to 160 feet.

Oscoda:  Catch rates were slow as the fish were scattered.

Au Sable River:  Steelhead should be making their way in especially with the cooler water temperatures. Catfish have been caught in good numbers in the late evening. Crawlers and minnows worked best. Walleye catches were slim and most of the fish were on the small side. A good number of smallmouth bass are in the river.

Tawas:  Those trolling are heading out past Buoy #2 to waters 35 to 45 feet deep. Some are fishing around Tawas Point and up near Au Sable Point in 80 feet. Walleye were suspended 25 to 50 feet down. In Tawas Bay, a few walleye were caught on crawler harnesses in 20 to 25 feet off Jerry’s Marina.