The smiles say it all!

A series of storms moved through the bay area last week. The last one, a Northeaster, really muddied up the water from Sand Point all the way down to Defoe Island on the Bay’s eastern side. Few anglers ventured out Saturday do to the steady northeast winds that produced three-and-a-half foot waves most of the day. However, by Sunday, the waves subsided. The water started cleaning up, and the walleye bite was back. Monday saw the return of limit catches once again, though some of the fish were on the smaller size—14-16 inches.

All indications point to the August fishing being as exceptional as July has been. Right now, it does not look like the bay will get exceedingly warm this year, which normally would result in big schools of walleye moving out into the deeper, cooler waters of the outer bay. The baitfish and walleye are comfortable right where they are!
In addition, for the last couple of years, the perch fishing has started to get very good during August. If the winter ice fishery was a reliable indication, perch should again be plentiful this month well into October. The west side of the bay from Augres all the way down to Linwood in the southern end of the bay can provide excellent perch fishing. Large concentrations of anchored boats are a dead giveaway the perch bite is on!

If a fishing trip is still in your summer plans before the kids go back to school, now is the time to be fishing Saginaw Bay. It just does not get any better than this!

Capt. Terry R. Walsh
Termar Charters
(989) 450-5365