Saginaw Bay Ice Fishing Report 01/09/2014

Saginaw Bay Perch 2014

Saginaw Bay Perch 2014

Saginaw Bay those fishing about four miles off Palmer Road have caught walleye. Perch fishing near-shore was hit-or-miss and the fish were small. Walleye were caught in 20 feet of water off Linwood and near the Bay City State Park in the old shipping channel.

Along the east side, walleye were caught in the Slot, two miles off Sunset Bay and in 14 feet of water off Thomas Road. Most of the activity at Sebewaing is concentrated in the marina with a couple spearing shacks. Some are spearing pike at Mud Creek but success was hit-or-miss. At Caseville, there are ice shanties in the marina basins and near the mouth. Anglers have taken a few walleye and lake trout near the mouth of the river. Not much activity north of Caseville. The state harbor at Port Austin is still closed so access is limited.

Saginaw River has all kinds of fishing activity all the way from Wickes Park in Saginaw to the mouth. They’re catching walleye from one end to the other, but down in Saginaw a lot of the fish were sub-legal. More legal size fish were caught at the Middle Grounds at the south end of town and near the M-25 Bridge near Veterans Park. Near the Independence Bridge, anglers were fishing around the destroyer and catching a few keepers. Few anglers were fishing near the mouth because of snowmobilers. Those trying for perch in the marina basins did not have much luck.

Tittabawassee River had no fishing activity because it is frozen over, but the ice is too thin for fishing.

Outer Saginaw Bay:

  • Au Sable River:  With the cold temperature, most of the river has ice making it difficult to fish. There are steelhead from the mouth to the dam. Most of the fish are lying in the deeper holes which are on the bends and layered with ice however it is possible to drift bait under the ice. Access to the river was limited after all the snow and the only sites that were cleared to launch boats were the River Store and the Whirlpool.

Tawas:  Had some walleye activity inside the harbor and over at Jerry’s Marina but catch rates were sporadic. Pike spearing has been hit-or-miss. Perch are running small; anglers report seeing bigger fish however they would not bite.

Weekly Fishing Tip: Master Angler recognizes big catches
This year marks the 41st anniversary of the DNR’s successful Master Angler program. Launched in 1973 to better recognize anglers who catch unusually large fish, the Master Angler program began with just a handful of fish eligible to win distinctive Master Angler shoulder patches. In 1992, the catch-and-release category was established.

Master Angler has expanded over time to include nearly 50 species for which anglers may compete for honors. At the end of each calendar year, recognition certificates are also awarded to anglers entering the top five fish in each category.

The 2014 Master Angler application is already available, and can be obtained at

The deadline for submitting an entry is January 10, 2015. Be sure to include a photo of your fish if it has not already been identified by a DNR fisheries biologist.