Sheepsheads, are they good to eat or are they throwbacks?

Like virtually everything else in this world, one persons opinion is another’s gospel. There are a few fish species that I keep and eat that others think are junk. I personally love the white bass. And have eaten Sheepsheads from Lake Erie a few years ago that my mother cooked up. I personally could not […]

Were are the hot ponds?

East of the Saginaw River The entrance to the Hot-Ponds has almost disappeared since the low water. Only when the wind blows from the North can a regular boat have a safe chance to get into the ponds. Otherwise, one foot depth at it’s mouth is the norm. Used to get to the ponds quit […]

Where is a map of Saginaw Bay?

The map just gives you a look at the bay.

Where’s the best fishing

In the water:) OK, I know you were not looking for that answer. First you have to realize Saginaw Bay is 60 miles long by at least 20 plus miles wide. So, if you are not a local pro type fisherman, and you are chasing walleye – you will need help, since wind has so […]