Fish that spawn in the rivers and another group that spawn in the Bay

I’ve caught females that were bulging with eggs and others with eggs still very tiny.
These may be two separate groups of walleyes that may indeed head up river or stay in the Bay.
The two distinct groups are mother natures way of insuring a successful spawning cycle in case a natural disaster kills or disrupts one group or the other from spawning.
I believe sun lite length versus the warm weather has more bearing on what spurs them into that schooling, river running behavior than anything else. Not to say these weird cold fronts don’t have any bearing on their moving activities.

Perch, like the walleyes are also gearing up for their Spring spawning run. That’s the reason they are again showing up in the shallower waters. I always use the phrase “Where they live” when explaining the movement of walleye during this time of year. The deeper waters are where you can always find a certain amount of resident walleyes. They “Live” “Forage” “Roam” and possibly spawn there. These spots are best during the early and midwinter time frames.
But as the river spawning group moves into shallower water and separate away from this deep water school, the catching gets tougher for Lac of fish. Finding shallow water walleyes is a rags to riches proposition.
They are now traveling in small to large schools. And if your on top of them in these schools your going to have a ball. If you not, the skunk will get ya.