Updated Linwood Walleye Report

Limits were still being caught but alot more work involved. Where last
week you could do it in about half a day it took all day this weekend.
Cold front and 4-5 foot waves on saturday afternoon didn’t help. Sunday
didn’t fish because it was windy early, laid down later. As it was last
week, fish seem to be a little closer to shore maybe 3-4 miles in 18-20
feet being most productive for me straight out from LBM. Still using
in-lines and harnesses for the most part but suspect spoons and cranks
may also be heating up to some degree. Sticking to what works for me and
not worrying about covering alot of water at this point. Still wanting
to get son a big cat but have been unable to get anything but walleye
and sheeps. The size is ok but I seem to be getting alot of small fish
about 2 throughback for each keeper. I have been trolling about 1.5 to
1.8. Best colors for me has been fire tiger, pink panties, and a purple
bone pattern, don’t know the name. Good luck Al hope to see you soon. Dave