Captain Dan’s Updated Walleye Report

Hey everybody.
The walleye exodus out of the rivers has started. Me and the brother have been catching a lot of spawned out males as of late, and yesterday our catch included 3 very nice spawned out females, the biggest of which were released. Pictures as always included. These above average temps we’ve been having, and now these recent rains, will expedite the spawning process for the ones still in the river and trigger what is usually the best bite of the year on the bay. Historically, these hungry post spawn walleyes are not very finicky and will strike anything that remotely looks like food to try and build back up their fat reserves. Kinda like me after a long day on the water.

So virtually all techniques for catching them will produce during this spring time frame we’re coming into on the bay. Guys anchoring and jigging both plastics and live at the river mouth are still doing good, with their success hinged to how big the pod of fish are that day dropping out of the river system. I on the other hand have been trolling semi-large body baits and doing pretty good. I especially like using the long “A” Bombers during spring. Trolling these in shallow waters with short leads have really paid off this spring for us. Not having the steep diving curve that some body baits have, we can troll them in waters as shallow as 4 feet deep without fear or snags or weeds. Franks has a bunch of color selections of Long “A”‘s and their price for them as good as any I’ve seen. My BIG Boat will be going into the water on May 1st this year and my smaller one will be available year round for any 2 man charters on the bay or river. Now is the best time to call for a summer charter booking date, as most all weekends are open right now. And if it’s just you and your wife/dad/son or buddy, you might want to save a few bucks and charter the smaller boat with me. Either way, get out there and catch a few walleyes. And be safe, fish smart, and tight lines. . .

Capt. Dan
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