SAGINAW BAY Fishing Report 8/25/2017

Saginaw Bay the area up toward Pinconning and Standish had fair fishing with perch hitting in 16 feet off the Pinconning Bar. Boat anglers were taking 20 to 25 fish per boat. Most were 8 to 10 inches but some did get the occasional 12 inch fish. A few walleye were taken off Gambil’s Marina […]

SAGINAW BAY Fishing Report 8/16/2017

The first week of August was pretty much a bust after a three-day Nor’easter scattered walleye all over the bay. But by Friday of last week, the fishing started to improve, each day better than the one before. Yesterday and today three-man limits of 24 walleye were pretty common with a lot of nice fish […]

Saginaw Bay Area Weekly Fishing Report 08/10/2017

Saginaw Bay #WalleyeFishing slowed. Recent winds have stirred up the bay making the water murky and there were lots of floating weeds to foul up anglers’ lines. Fish were caught just south of Whites Beach along the Saganing Bar, straight off Pinconning along the Pinconning Bar, five miles east of the Spark Plug which is […]

Saginaw Bay Area Weekly Fishing Report 08/03/2017

Saginaw Bay #walleyefishing was still pretty good in 13 to 16 feet from Bay City State Park up to Linwood and in 30 feet northeast of the Charity Islands. Catches of 5 to 6 fish per boat per trip were the norm. Walleye were also caught in 17 feet outside the Pinconning Bar and in 10 […]


A series of storms moved through the bay area last week. The last one, a Northeaster, really muddied up the water from Sand Point all the way down to Defoe Island on the Bay’s eastern side. Few anglers ventured out Saturday do to the steady northeast winds that produced three-and-a-half foot waves most of the […]

Saginaw Bay Area Weekly Fishing Report 07/27/2017

Saginaw Bay #walleyefishing is still very good. Limit catches are still not out of the question if you find an active school of fish. There are indications that the walleyes are starting to scatter off the tip of the Thumb to some extent, but fishing in the inner bay is still holding up pretty well. […]