Capt. Dan’s Fishing Report 2/26/2013

Hello, everybody. Well, what an ice season we had. I’ve never seen conditions like this in my lifetime. We had 2 major thaws and freezes during this winter that (for the most part) kept ice conditions safe on the bay and river, but also created more rough and thin ice traps then I’ve ever seen […]

Saginaw Bay Area Fishing Report 2/21/2013

Saginaw Bay: Ice conditions are not safe. Anglers are being warned to stay off the Bay! The Coast Guard continues to rescue anglers from the ice flows. There is shore ice that extends about a mile out along the east side. Beyond that is open water. Strong west winds are churning up the waves where there […]

Saginaw Bay Area Fishing Report 2/14/2013

Saginaw Bay: Four words say it all this week… STAY OFF SAGINAW BAY! There are numerous active pressure cracks which make ice fishing dangerous. Deep snow has covered up some of the pressure cracks and the weak spots so anglers don’t know they are there until it is too late. Warmer temperatures along with a strong […]

Saginaw Bay Area Fishing Report 2/07/2013

 Saginaw Bay: Ice fishing is on once again. Perch fishing was slow at Palmer Road because the water was muddy. Walleye anglers heading out to the Catfish Hole managed to catch a few. Anglers need to use caution along the west side of the bay because of all the pressure cracks including a large one that […]